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I’m Shelly and my motto is: Bring on the Weird! I’m a moderator at the MacHalo group and a vagabond at heart. I read everything from Young Adult to paranormal romance, fantasy, horror, dystopian, sci-fi, historical fiction… almost anything! My favorite book boyfriends tend to have fangs, my spirit animal is Grumpy Cat, I love potty humor, and…pizza is life. My Goodreads profile.



Hey! I’m Kira. I’m a member of the MacHalo group, not a mod like the rest of these guys. I’m an insomniac who reads by night and by day too because I’m a librarian and can read at work. My job is awesome like that. I read a lot because fiction is often better than reality. Romances are probably my favorite but I prefer dark, paranormal, historical, and mafia ones. Contemporary is too boring and ordinary unless there is a taboo twist. My other love in terms of book genres is urban fantasy, preferably with vampires or the fae. I tend to go on binges and read a lot of one genre at a time. All series have to be read in order or it ruins the experience. I’m a complete and utter spoiler whore; I just can’t resist a good spoiler when I love a series. Writing reviews is something I do for fun or to vent after a bad book. You can follow me on Goodreads.



Hey all!  I’m Jessica. I’m a member of the MacHalo group. I’m a mama, wife, herbalist, and pregnancy/birth worker. I am also a lover of books, swear words, and bourbon. It’s all about balance right?!  I read to unwind and decompress from my daily adventures. Fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, and paranormal romance are my favorite genres, but I’ve been known to thoroughly enjoy some thriller/mystery or contemporary stories. My bookish pet peeves are instalove, love triangles, the great misunderstanding and things left unsaid. I will read on my phone, iPad, or listen to audiobooks. My favorite is still holding the actual book and turning the pages. You can find me in the MacHalo group or at



Hello, I’m Abby. I’m another one of the moderators over at the MacHalo group. They claim that I’m the confused one, but I just think that I have more important things to remember than what name I’m going by this month. My real life is kind of not fun most days, so I escape through books. And live by this motto, “When life hands you lemons, read an absurd book!” I can’t make any promises about the books you’ll see me read. I’ll read just about anything. And if you ask me twice, I will read anything. Just realize that I’m not always the best at being nice. So I’ll apologize now. I also can’t guarantee any sort of consistency in my ratings. I try to live a life full of whimsy, and my ratings reflect it. I do try to warn you when I’m in the mood to inflate my rating. But I make no promises.  What I can promise is plenty of made up words, and hopefully some entertainment. You can also follow me on GoodReads.

Sam Says (1)

Hi, I’m Sam (or Samantha-I’ll answer to either.) I’m not a moderator at the MacHalo group, but I am proud(ish) to say that I am a member. This (ish) is because every now and then we blow up GRs with a monster smut group read. I swear, sometimes it’s like we have absolutely no shame. Oh wait, that’s right: we don’t.  When I’m not working, moming, or now writing crappy essays for school (because I’m crazy and decided to return full time), I like to play video games or read. Sometimes both simultaneously. Let me just say that there are some games that have outstanding story-lines. Those are the ones that I gravitate towards. While I will read almost anything book wise, I tend to stay away from NA or contemporary romances. I like my romance to simmer beneath the surface and to reside totally within the fantasy world.  Science Fiction and Fantasy, but like the cotton candy version of each, are my go-to genres. I am by no means a professional blogger or book reviewer. I’m just here to share my opinion on the things that I read (and maybe sometimes on the things that I play.) The entirety of my thoughts may be only two words, like “It sucked!” or “It’s awesome!” and I may use GIFS or images that you’ve seen a million times, but I still think’s hilarious. You’ve been forewarned.  My ratings are pretty simple: I don’t really give 1-star reviews, 2-stars are just meh, 3-stars are okay, 4-stars are really pretty good, and 5-stars are reserved for my favorites only. Popcorn, office supplies, Autumn, coffee, the smell of rain, hoodies, parenthetical phrases, and scarves are just a few of my favorite things. You can also find me on Goodreads. 



What up? I’m Casey. And when I’m not busy taking my tiny people around to all their stuff, I’m known as the drunken moderator over at the MacHalo group. I normally spend most of my days at work trying to not throw letter openers at the people who have the misfortune to annoy me and my evenings doing the family thing. But once they are in bed, I get to devour as many books as I can until my husband gets pouty. My weekends are spent at soccer/baseball games and encouraging my friends to drink up. Friday nights are bourbon night in my home, so stop on by. Seriously though, I  read to stop myself from going homicidal. I love to read a little bit of everything as long as it doesn’t involve outer space. (Ask Abby for alien romance suggestions, and Sam for science fiction.) Though I do dabble. Normally after I’ve lost a bet. If your tastes fall more to the kilted variety, I’m your girl. Want motorcycle clubs or firemen? I’m on it. Just don’t mind me if I get a little obsessed and only read one specific genre for an entire month. I like to be thorough.