That’s a Wrap: July Edition

I can’t believe July is already over! I thought I’d have more time! You see, the kids start back to school on Thursday then I start back on the 21st. I have no idea after that point how much reading and gaming I’ll be able to get done before then. The pressure! Gaaaaaaaah! Okay, so really I’m the only one putting pressure on myself but still, it’s there, waiting to squeeze me until my insides become my outsides and I slide to the floor in a puddle of intestinal juices and goo. So, before that disgusting example of a tragedy occurs I need to get my affairs in order, beginning with a quick July wrap-up.

Surprisingly, July was not super productive reading wise. I completed seven books. There were a few others that I started but ultimately ended up setting aside, for now anyway. It’s a mood thing. To organize my list somewhat I’m going to start with the worst and end with the best (this should be easy, as there is only one I’d really put in the “worst” category.)


Through the Door (The Thin Veil #1) by Jodi McIsaac ★★

This book is what I like to call fantasy light, meaning that it’s kinda hard to pinpoint to a specific fantasy genre, but it’s also not what I’d consider “real” fantasy. It’s like bubble gum fantasy or popcorn fantasy even, light and fluffy and without much depth. I was drawn to it because I thought it had an interesting premise, as it revolves around a mother and her child. We don’t see a lot of mom MCs, so I was interested to see how the author handled this scenario. The result? It was okay. It was fine. It was nothing stellar. I had originally given this book 3 stars, but, in the scope of things, I bumped it down to 2 stars. There’s nothing wrong with this book on the large, but there were quite a few small things that annoyed me, the biggest issues being that the actions of 3 of the main female characters revolved partly/mostly around pining after a man (why?!?!) and that a large part of the conflict revolved around unnecessary secret keeping (which is one of my peeves.)


The Edge of Oblivion (Night Prowler #2) by J. T. Geissinger ★★★

This is most definitely a paranormal romance series, not a genre that I love love, so it’s harder for me to rate. Even with that disclaimer I’d have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised. In this second installment of Night Prowler we pick up shortly after Shadow’s Edge (Book #1.) This follows Morgan through her quest for redemption for actions that took place in the first book (so you kinda sorta need to start with Shadow’s Edge.) The books themselves are a little romantic angst heavy (which is kind of par for the course for the genre) so the plot gets lost at times. However, I still like the world and the mythos that the author has created, I liked this couple more so than the last, and I will probably give book 3 a shot in the future.


Heart’s Blood by Juliet Marillier ★★★1/2

This was a long anticipated read for me: a retelling of Beauty and the Beast written by a truly gifted story teller. I hate to say it, but this would have to be the biggest let down for me this month. I love Ms. Marillier’s writing style. It’s whimsical and poetic and often poignant. However, I found this lacked a little bit of her normal magic. The two main characters were boring, and the secondary characters only just made up for it. I also felt the story lacked enough information, like it was missing chunks of backstory and history. There were a lot of unexplained phenomena, like the castle, and the mirrors, and the Tor in general. It hints at a long, magical history but never does it expand on that. With that being said, even though I was a little disappointed, it was by no means a terrible book. There’s always a definite beauty to be found in her writing, and this was no exception. I just didn’t connect as much as I hoped I would.


The Diabolic (The Diabolic #1) by S. J. Kincaid ★★★★

I know some may classify this as science fiction, and it is to an extent, but to me this reads clearly as a YA dystopian that just happens to have a space setting. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Calling it science fiction just makes it sound more grown up. But it’s cool. Because I still actually like depressing dystopian settings, and I really like space. Win-win for me. This is a book that I read in basically one sitting, into the wee hours of the morning. It was bloody and dirty and sad and fun? All I can say is that I really liked Nemesis. I liked that she managed to remain true to her character, that she was able to remain calculating and fierce while at the same time discovering her capacity for emotions, for humanity. I thought the author achieved a great balance there. As for the rest of the cast, I don’t trust nobody (yes, that’s my southern Podunk vernacular.) You hear me? Nobody.


Rescued by an Alien (Stolen by an Alien #2) by Amanda Milo ★★★★

I know, I know, another alien romance. What can I say? It’s my guilty pleasure. Ah, who am I kidding? No guilt here, none whatsoever. This is the second book in the Stolen by an Alien series. It picks up towards the end of Stolen by an Alien (Book 1), basically right dab in the middle of the chaos at the end. Where Arokh and Angie’s story concludes (ish), Zadeon “Z” and Callie’s story begins (ish). I liked this one just as much as the first. It has heart and soul and all the alien goodness that I crave, while at the same time it has a slightly darker undertone and touches on some pretty sensitive issues. I’m now officially a fan.


The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) ★★★★1/2


The Ask and the Answer (Chaos Walking #2) ★★★★

by Patrick Ness

Yes, I know. I seem to be on repeat. First there was yet another alien romance and now there’s yet another science fiction dystopian to add to the list. Eh, what can I say? I guess I’m pretty predictable. Here’s the deal: I was hoping to finish this series before the end of the month. Unfortunately, that did not happen. I’m a slacker, that’s really my only excuse. This series, gah, it’s so frustrating and heartbreaking and so amazingly well written. Mr. Ness is a consummate story teller, even if that story is harsh and ugly and hard to bear. It’s like the trifecta of dystopian tales: this series puts humans who settled this foreign planet against the non-human natives AND the haves (those with the cure to a “plague” affecting the humans) against the have-nots (those without said cure) AND the men against the women. There’s literally SO MUCH CONFLICT. And, get this: just when you think there can’t possibly be anymore strife, in book 3 we’ll see the new settlers land and throw their lot into the pot as well. I really have no idea how this is all going to go down. Of course, I know how I want Book 3 to end (with the Spackle/natives getting some much deserved vengeance against the humans), but I doubt Mr. Ness is going to take it there. Whatever happens to conclude this series I’ll just say this: I think this story was brilliantly told. It stemmed a lot of interesting discussions in our group so I’m really happy to have read it with the group of people I did. Thanks guys! Book 3 is on the books for mid-August so be on the lookout!


Well, after completing the ME trilogy last month I thought I was going for another play through of The Witcher III (only this time with ALL the DLC). That commitment lasted like a day. I was on a ME high so decided to go for Mass Effect: Andromeda instead. It didn’t suck me in like the others did. Now, don’t get me wrong, I played it hot’n’heavy for like 2 weeks…but once I stopped, I stopped. Maybe it’s knowing there’s nothing else to come? No DLCs, no game 2, nothing, nada, zilch. It’s kinda sad to become invested in characters knowing this is all there is. However, hopefully this means there’s a DA:4 on the horizon–that will be my consolation AND I will eventually at least complete the main story of Andromeda.

Aside from ME:A, I also went ahead and purchased Borderlands: The Handsome Jack Collection. My son and I have had a few days of fun with that. For those who don’t know, it’s just like guns, guns, and more guns. It’s pretty awesome, and dare I say badass?

We’ve also been into a different sort of gaming: BOARD GAMES! Taking it back old school. That’s been pretty fun, especially since we are all super competitive. Our most recent addition is Smarta**. Trivia games are like my jam. Fortunately, I managed to answer the bookish ones right (John Grisham and Ernest Hemingway)

Movies, TV, etc:

This will be simple: I can’t remember the first movie I watched, so either a) I didn’t watch any OR b) they weren’t worth remembering. As for TV, well I turned on our actual satellite for the first time in like a year and was pleasantly surprised to see the newest season of Hoarders (mostly) recorded. Yay! Just when I thought I needed to clean my house, I now realize it can always be worse. Thanks Hoarders for feeding our slovenliness! I also googled “Best Shows on Netflix” and discovered Rectify. I cried like every episode and of course binge watched the entire thing in like a week. Even though it was cancelled, the writers did a really good job of concluding the series. It felt complete (mostly.) It was a good pick, so thanks Google!

Let me see…

Well, I turned thirty…ahem, I mean TWENTY-five this month and my daughter turned SIXTEEN!!!! (don’t do the math. it’s very complicated). SIXTEEN people. Where does it go? I’m all for any excuse that allows for all-you-can-eat sushi, but really? Really?! It seriously goes by so damn fast, y’all. There was a little bit of a theme going on for her gift-wise too, as she received a Ouija board, an EMF meter, and multiple books on ghost hunting and haunted places. Oh, and I must not forget her Harry Potter: Dark Arts loot crate. That was a pretty cool reveal as well. It was a lot of fun for her and a lot of sad for me. Gah!

Oh, and we’ve decided to try our hand at knitting. You know what they say: families that knit together…maybe there’s no saying for that. Well, either way, it should be interesting. My son wants to knit a cape. He’s the coolest weird kid I know.

Alright, I’ve rambled on entirely too long. This was supposed to be a quick wrap-up. Maybe I need to reevaluate my definition of “quick.” Sheesh.

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Ya got any comments, questions, or concerns you know what to do. Peace (and then I mimic a mic drop.)


A June Wrap Up by The Chronic Procrastinator

Even though I’m fairly new to the world of blogging and really new to these monthly wrap-ups (this will make number 2), I’m really digging them. It takes some of the pressure off having to post a substantial review for every single thing that I’ve read/watched/played for the month. ‘Cause honestly, sometimes I just want to go “Fuck it,” and give only a star rating with no explanation why. And this monthly platform allows me to do (almost) just that. It’s pretty flipping fantastic if you ask me. Not only that, I also really love reading what everyone else has been up to for the month…though some of you super readers put my meager book counts to shame. Don’t worry, though, I got nothing but love for ya!

Image result for i ain't mad at cha meme

So, what have I been up to you ask?

Or maybe you didn’t.

If you didn’t, well you should have. And if you did, then I think you’ll be please because you’re about to find out.  Either way, you’ll have to deal because I’m about to answer my own question.

Over at our always awesome MacHalo home group we decided to forgo the traditional BotM this summer and opted to do Summer Theme months instead. ‘Cause we’re cool and can do stuff like that.

Can you guess what we did for June?

Can you?

Come on, just try (we’re a pretty transparent group)….

Image result for i have a secret gif

Well, if you guessed Alien Lurve then you’d be correct my ever faithful blog follower! Sheesh, it’s like you know us too well.

Yes, we decided to read alien/scifi/space romance. And let me tell you, we definitely had some misses. Like big ole stinkers. That’s par for the course for this genre unfortunately. But don’t despair! Not all was lost. There were a couple that turned out to be halfway decent reads. So gather ‘round while I regale you with the good, the bad, and the exceptional of June’s Summer Theme reading wrap up.



Don’t let the alluring cover or interestingly dark and erotic synopsis fool you! This was the first of the big flops for the month. Not only was there some definite weird insta-love going on here, but it felt like the author had never before written in the sci-fi genre. Her way of making it sci-fi was to give asinine names to everyday items. Like ass coverings (pants?) and sleeping supports (beds!). It was nonstop. Every page had an idiot description. It was so distracting that I couldn’t even bring myself to give even one shit about this book. A big fat DNF @ 50% and a whopping 1 Star rating.


Now, this one featured one of my favorite tropes: a woman kidnapped by aliens and sold into slavery where she is rescued by a big, brutish alien with a soft, squishy center. However, it didn’t take long for this book to go downhill. Like superfast. Ral helps himself to his “prize” with major non-con (she’s is literally saying “No, don’t do this! Please don’t do this!”), but he’s apparently such a good fuck with a magic penis that by the end our girl is telling him how amazing he is and is shortly after in love with him. Gross, so gross. Now I’ll admit, there are times that non-con/dub-con work but this is definitely not the case.  This was another book that was over for me @ 30%. DNF with a 1 Star rating.


With a title like that I wanted to LOVE this book for all of its glorious, over the top silliness, and while this book started off with some eye rolling, major cheesiness, it quickly tapered off. By mid-way the silliness became stale and there weren’t many laughs to be found. However, it didn’t warrant a DNF from me so it at the very least it had that going for it. I wanted to read about passionate pirates out to get some bootay, but this book just failed to deliver on promise implied by the title. 2 Lackluster Stars.



This was a short, sweet, and great for scratching the alien romance itch. Again, this is another case of a female being kidnapped and sold at auction. Surprise, surprise, our big scary alien comes to the rescue, freeing our girl, knowing that she is meant to be his. This one worked much better. Instead of Zon raping Lisa (even though he is basically in male version of heat) he actively fights his urge because he knows it’s wrong to force a female into sex. Be-still my beating heart! This made me really like Zon. That and the fact that he had a prosthetic limb, which I thought was a little different. And I especially liked the little “twist” at the end. Okay, there a two twists really, one that seems to happen a lot with these type books that I don’t necessarily like and one that was a little different.  Just for the record, I liked the less obvious twist! A solid 3 Secret-Compartment Star read.


I actually really liked this one! It was another short read but it managed to hit on a lot of the tropes that I love. Once again, women from Earth are kidnapped, only this time instead of being sold they are dumped on a planet inhabited by giant, carnivorous beasties. Our main girl, Sophia, ends up being rescued by one of the natives, Jax’zan. And let me tell you,  the boy sure knows how to rescue a girl!  What’s great here is that there is a language barrier AND Jax’zan is also somewhat alien.  I love that! Anyhoo. This has the survival on an alien planet deal going on that I dig. There are also other girls left on the planet with Sophia, so I suspect we’ll be seeing their stories in the near future. Bring it on! 3.5 Way-To-Say-Hello-Alien-Loving Stars.



If there was any time not to judge a book by its cover, this would be one of those times. It’s horrendous. And quite frankly, this book is also in need of some serious editing. Despite those things, this one ended up being my hands down favorite alien romance for the month. My one complaint, aside from the editing, would be that it starts to feel a little long between the 60-80% mark. Other than that, this was a hit. Arokh is absolutely an alien. No question about it. From his appearance to his mannerism, he is 100% NOT human. I’m going to share a few lines….

I intended to stop her by using a restraint hold I’d heard of. I must have been informed wrong. Because as soon as I captured her wrists and gently pressed a bitehold on her neck (keeping my fangs retracted) she became inflamed.

Umm, yes please.

Truthfully, what had started as a shameful compulsion had morphed into a desperate need. I wasn’t good at this submissive persona.  I wanted to take my female the Rakhii way. But she wasn’t Rakhii. And I had to let her lead.  I knew this.

Swoon. You mean she has a choice? Wow.

Arokh’s growl rips from his chest, rattling the very air.  As in actually.  As in literally.  As in legit DO NOT FUCK WITH THIS ALIEN.

Did I mention he’s  pretty bad-ass? Yeah….

Oh, I guess I should also mention Angie, our female lead. She had me at:

“Overboard!  Mermaid off the port bow!” I’m the happy drunk, in case you were wondering.

I freaking love The Little Mermaid!

I know this is pretty much a non-review, but as I’m rereading the sections I highlighted I can’t help but smile. That’s what this book did: it entertained me in the best way possible. I am super stoked to read the next one! 4 My-Alien-is-Bigger-Than-Your-Alien Stars.


Now, I also read some books NOT included as part of our summer theme month. I’m just going to list them with a star rating, just to keep it simple.

Next up: July is YA Dystopia month-we have to get our fix while Daddy is away!


No wrap up of mine would be complete without a gaming update.

I played through Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2, and finished Mass Effect 3 yesterday. July 4th just seemed super fitting for the conclusion. Woot woot! I played as a Paragon FemShep who romanced Kaidan in ME1 and remained loyal through ME3. Soooooo lame, I know, but it just felt right for my character. My son was majorly disappointed because Garrus is his dawg, and he thinks Kaidan is about as boring vanilla as they come. He campaigned heavily for Garrus, but Kaidan just seemed the more natural choice. However, if I play through ME3 again, I have a save at the end of ME2 that will make it super easy to romance Garrus and then import that romance to ME3. Same for Thane, who I am actually more intrigued with romantically. My one hangup with him is that his voice actor reminds me so much of William Shatner, which is kinda weird. And yes, I totally played this series for the story and the relationships. It was pretty damn epically amazing.

Next up: The DLC for Witcher 3. I purchased the complete edition, which is apparently NOT compatible with my regular edition saves. Now my options are to either repeat the 200+ hours I have in the base game in addition to playing through the DLCs OR just playing the DLCs, which will allow me to play the DLC only and assign me the correct level to start. Decisions, decisions.


I didn’t watch too much TV this month. I guess I was too involved with the Mass Effects and alien romance. My daughter and I did go on a scary movie binge, which included Insidious 1, Insidious 2, The Boy, Clown, The Ring, and some others I’m sure. I’m pretty sure the Insidious-es are now 2 of her favorite movies. Score for scary movies. She gets it from her Mama.

I did see Baby Driver  in the theater… today. But it’s so good that I wanted to go ahead and include it now. My post, my rules. I’ll allow it.  Anyway, it’s like, really, really good. The acting, the music, the way it was shot, all of it was topnotch. I highly recommend it.

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Alright guys, that’s about all I got. Until next time you lovable weirdos.

I Said, “Hey! What’s Goin’ On?”


 Yep, that’s the song that’s been running through my head, so I thought it was apropos for an update post. What’s going on you ask? Well, here are a few things I deem worthy of mentioning.

I guess first up should be the bookish things. Here’s a quick-ish rundown of the stuff I read in May.

Burn for Me (Hidden Legacy #1) by Illona Andrews.

Yep, I FINALLY read it. I purchased this one last year when I thought the release of book 2 was imminent. Of course, that ended up not being quite the case so the book, weirdly enough, fell off my radar and into the black hole that is my kindle library. I think it may have also had a little bit to do with the horrendous cover art. I mean, come one, it looks like just another cheesy romance novel. Bleh. What can I say? I can be a cover snob sometimes. Fast forward to this year, as my book reader community began once again amping up for the release of book 2, book 1 wheedled its way back to the forefront of my mind. I could ignore it no longer. All I have to say for myself is, “What the freak was I thinking waiting so long to read it?” It was really good y’all. Like REALLY good. I’m totally on the Nevogan train. Or is it Rovada? Ugh, who freakin cares?!  I just want more! I can’t wait to read the second book, which was released on May 30th: White Hot (Hidden Legacy #2) by Ilona Andrews. If you haven’t read the first one, there’s still time to see the error of your ways. Trust me. 4½ Stars.

Hidden Blade (Soul Eater #1) by Pippa DaCosta.

I just finished this one and, as it happens, it was also a lot of fun (is that the right word?) to read. It’s a really quick, fast-paced read involving Egyptian Gods and demons. It’s kind of dark with an anti-heroish MC, and it’s definitely not all rainbows and unicorns. My only complaint is that it was too short. It needed a little more meat. Good thing it’s just the first in a series, though, right? 4 Stars.

The Bloodletter’s Daughter by Linda Lafferty

It’s a fictionalized account based on historical events. It was…interesting. I think that’s the best word for it. I thought the “science” behind the bloodletting was really cool. I mean, I’ve read about it in passing before in other books, but this goes into a little more detail. It’s basically about a bastard schizophrenic prince who becomes obsessed with the local bloodletter’s daughter, Marketa, who also works with her mother in the bathhouse. There’s a good bit of information available about the historical happenings this book is based on, if you’re interes ted in that sort of thing. I thought it made for some interesting, albeit gruesome, reading. 3½-4 Stars.

City in Embers (Collector #1) by Stacey Marie Brown.

This one has to do with fae-induced electrical storms, people called “Collectors” meant to capture fae on Earth for “research”, a Collector named Zoey now on the outs with the organization and a fae named Ryker who just keeps showing up. I pretty much loved Ryker, but Zoey…eh, not so much. I blame the author. There was a lot of telling with very little doing on her/Zoey’s part. It became pretty annoying. I get it! You’re badass and street smart. Now friggin act like it instead of just saying it all the time. Ryker, on the other hand, was pretty great. I may have developed a teensy, tiny book crush on him. I’m still on the fence about continuing the series. 3-3 ½ Stars.

The Book of the Unnamed Midwife (The Road to Nowhere #1) by Meg Elison.

This was post-apocalyptic story that takes place after a virus has wiped out most of the human population, leaving the demographics basically 1:10 female to male. Women are in scarce supply and for some reason babies are dying in the womb or shortly after birth, often claiming the life of the mother as well. The story is told from the perspective of an unnamed female nurse who does what is necessary to survive in the new world. It was pretty dark and gritty, but not without hope. I definitely plan to read the second book, The Book of Etta (The Road to Nowhere #2) sometime in the near future. 4-4½ Stars.

Weight of the Heart (Bruna Husky #2) by Rosa Montero.

I actually won this through a Goodreads giveaway not realizing it was the second book in a series AND that the series is basically Bladerunner fan fiction. That being said, I did read the first book, Tears in Rain (Bruna Husky #1) in April and this one in May. I really think there’s a good story here and I really liked the characters and the world, BUT…there seemed to be a lot of filler. Both books felt incredibly long, like way longer than necessary. I hate when books begin to feel tedious, it just leaches the joy right out of the experience. It sucks too, because there were a lot of really cool and interesting elements. Gah! I’m still torn over how I feel about this one!  3 Stars?

Next up Dark Thoughts (Refuge #1) by Cynthia Sax

We’re doing an alien/sci-fi romance month for June. Eeeek! Super excited for this! This is the first up on the docket. I’m preparing myself for some super sexy, super dark alien angst!

Now, it’s on to the not so bookish stuff.

Image result for doing all the things

It’s no secret that I’m an Xbox girl, through and through. I love my Xbox consoles and controllers, and I really like Xbox’s platform.  I feel guilty just thinking about another console, almost like I’m a cheating on a spouse or some shit. It’s weird. But I also get bummed when a game is released that looks awesomely amazing, and I can’t play it because it’s PS4 (or PC) exclusive. So, because my family loves me so very much and they HATE to see me bummed, for Mother’s Day my husband and kiddos acquired for me a PS4 (I keep it in a room away from my Xbox because I don’t want there to be any tension between the two.) I know, they (my family) are basically the best. Now I can play practically anything. It’s pretty fucking fantastic.

My world has been opened to so many new games, it’s a little overwhelming. I walk into the game store, and it’s like I can browse ALL the sections now.

The clerk is like,

“Well, that’s for PS4 so…”

and I’m all,


and he’s like,

“But you’re an Xbox owner. All your purchases have only ever been for Xbox. What the fuck is going on?! I don’t know who I am anymore,”

and I just look at him and sigh. It’s so quaint when someone only owns one type of gaming system, isn’t it?

(and I don’t want to hear anything from you PC gamers out there! Shush! I’m having my moment)

Okay, enough of that. Down to the good stuff: games. My first PS game purchases were: The Uncharted Collection (these games are like playing an action movie), The Last of Us (which is supposed to have like the best storyline ever), Bloodborne (definitely not a game for the easily daunted), and last, but not least, the one I was most looking forward to: Horizon Zero Dawn.

Let’s talk about Horizon Zero Dawn

Graphically, the game is gorgeous. The machines are super cool and the world is definitely a challenge. It’s been making a ton of “Best of” lists from open world to story to rpg. I wanted to LOVE love it. What should have easily been a favorite unfortunately doesn’t make that list for me. I’ll admit, I teared up a little throughout the game as there are some very touching moments, but I found Aloy, the protagonist, to be a little flat and boring. I love that she is a female lead and that she’s really pretty badass, but for some reason there seems to be a lack of emotion and humor in this world. Her expression was always the same and the voice acting was a little monotonous. Another issue, and it’s not really an issue issue but rather something I like to see in games, was the lack of a romantic interest. Yes, I’m one those that thinks all good stories should have some romantic element, even if it’s just a simmering one. Give me a couple to root for, please! There was a bit of flirting from some of the male characters, but there was ZERO reaction to that from our flat Aloy. There weren’t even any responses available to address their overtures, even if it was for her just to say knock it off. Looking through the great interwebs the theory is that the original intention was there for some possible relationship interest but it was removed sometime before the game released, hence the flirty, one-sided banter still present with a few male secondary characters. My brother is disappointed in my disappointment (he’s a PS guy, go figure), but while I can honestly say that I did mostly enjoy my play through, it’s not one I’m interested in playing again. As a side note, I also didn’t love the gear that was available. I’m thinking any future DLCs will bulk that up a bit, though.

NEXT UP: The Mass Effect trilogy

I’ve owned these for a while (like 2 years or so), but I’ve never gotten around to playing them. Now that they are backwards compatible on the Xbox one there’s absolutely no excuse for me not to play them. I need to rectify this tragedy and fill this gap in my newbie gamer resume.  I’m ready for some awesome sci-fi action (with a little romance side action going on there too.) Bring it on!

Notable Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (Amazeballs!), Get Out (totally not what I thought it was going to be), The Kingsman (awesomely funny!), and of course I have to add Beauty and the Beast to the list (because who doesn’t love BatB?).

Notable TV: LEGION!!!!!! Like, seriously, that’s the only show that I can think of. Dan Stevens is on a bit of a roll methinks. No, wait. Another that comes to mind is Black Mirror. If you haven’t watched it, then you totally should. Some episodes are almost mind-blowingly (screw you spell check!) good.

So, I guess that about wraps it up. I’ve read some books, played a few games, and watched a little TV. Of course there’s work and family stuff that I could write about too, like the fact my cat went batshit crazy on the kids yesterday while I was at work. They ended up trapped in their rooms until I came home.

They may be scarred for life. Good times, good times.

What books/games/movies/TV shows have you read/played/watched lately? We’d love, or we’d at least like it okay, if you shared with us!